The best fingernail clippers for your babies
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The best fingernail clippers for your babies

One of the trickiest tasks for parents is to trim the tiny nails of their newborn babies. You would never take the chance of hurting those tiny and delicate hands. That is why using a baby fingernail clipper is recommended rather than the normal one that can end up hurting your baby. The most prominent differences and features of the best baby finger nail clippers are:

  • There is an LED light under the clipper that improves visibility and precision while cutting nails.
  • There are spy holes in front of the clipper. This is one of the best features that help to see where the blades are exactly cutting.
  • A magnifying glass is often present for the tiny nails of newborn babies.
  • They nail cutter has overlapping edges which reduce the risk of accidental cuts.
  • Some of the nail cutters also come with an emery board. The main purpose of it is to smooth the edges of the nails after cutting them. This prevents the baby from scratching themselves with the jagged edges.

These were some of the features of the best baby fingernail clippers that are both safe and effective while cutting newborn’s nails.

The different types of baby clippers

There are some choices available in the department of nail cutter for babies. Most of the people are familiar with the traditional nail cutter that we have been using. One can even try nail scissors or a battery-powered nail cutter that can file and trim baby’s nails. Each one of the above has its pros and cons.

Nail Scissors work well when you want to trim out the thin nails. These scissors are effective especially if the baby is younger. You also get better visibility as compared to clippers while cutting nails. The biggest disadvantage of having nail scissors is that you cannot use them when the baby grows older. Thus they only serve for a short period. Clippers are preferred over nail scissors for cutting toenails. This is because toenails are thicker than fingernails. Moreover, they can be used even when the baby gets older, unlike nail scissors.