Keratin and its benefits
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Keratin and its benefits

Keratin is a natural protein that makes up a part of our hair, skin, and nails. It is the structural building block of our hairs. Keratin has a huge role in the strengthening and the softening of hairs. It also helps to keep the elasticity of the hair intact. The keratin that is naturally present in your hair gets tarnished and depleted with the excessive use of synthetic styling products.

The quality of hair falls drastically with the use of heat styling tools on the hairs. Keratin used in the hair cosmetics products is often derived from the feathers, horns, and wool of different animals. People have reported that the use of some of the best keratin shampoos has made their hair smoother and easier to manage.

Some additional features of Keratin on hairs are:

  • According to many specialists, keratin is non-permeable. So what it does is forms a protective layer over the hairs. This shields the hairs from getting damaged by the use of chemicals and other synthetic products.
  • The hair cuticle or the layers of cells absorb keratin to make the hairs look more dense and shiny.
  • Keratin makes curly hairs less frizzy. It makes it easier to style curly hairs making them look straighter in appearance.
  • Keratin not only heals the damaged hairs but also protects them from any future damage.
  • Keratin helps to form long peptide chains that strengthen the roots of hairs. This is significant in the determination of the structure of the hairs.

Takeaway So, it can be finally concluded that keratin treatments have a significant benefit on the hairs. But these treatments can cost you a lot. Instead, go for the best keratin shampoos from the market which can provide the benefits of keratin and nourish your hairs.